Winter Marathon

Written by Domenico Di Maio

Week 46

There are events that completely change the appearance of a place, and that fortunately do not require us to travel far beyond our national borders to be able to participate.
In January, Madonna di Campiglio transforms and dons its best threads for one of the most fascinating events in the Italian automotive sector.
We are not talking about a simple car race, composed of undulating curves, a few hairpin bends and some steep upward climbs; we are talking about a vintage car race, which takes place on the streets of the most picturesque, dangerous and snow-clad streets of our country.
The event was founded in 1989, and despite the slightly absurd climactic conditions it is has been welcomed by the industry and participants.
The Winter Marathon is the only event that brings together an enduring passion for vintage automobiles, which have to be at least 40 years old, to a stunning landscape. Drivers travel over 420 km through beautiful alpine passes across three days, and finally congregate in Madonna di Campiglio, the select location unchanged from the first edition.

As per tradition, the marathon begins with Trofeo APT: a fascinating race on a frozen lake, destined for the first 32 subscribers of the general competition, for which this year, 12 hours of consecutive driving is predicted, with only one stop for dinner in a quaint hotel in the Pordoi Pass.
The Winter Marathon is one of the most interesting events on the Italian automotive scene, thanks to its culture, healthy competition and a touch of Italian folklore. For those in the know, the course has been christened “race on nails” due to its harsh climatic conditions, the vintage vehicles involved, and the DNA of the roads. But for this very reason, it is one of those events to watch out for when the New Year arrives.