Walker On The Green

Written by Domenico Di Maio

Week 22

How many words can we spend to talk about golf? A lot considering the multiple unknown angles of this practice: many people associate golf to a snob clientele, others are totally disinterested in the game or in golf slang words as birdie, par bogey and so on.
For many time it was considered an odd sport, mostly because not accessible to everybody because of the small cultural diffusion and its prohibitive cost. But things change and a increasing number of amateurs are now giving this game a chance. Some excellent sport personas turned into golfer after a stellar career in another discipline – Michael Jordan anyone?
But what if art meets golf?
We’re used to see golf through a different perspective, as the main hobby for wealthy deep pockets people that can’t wait to step on a perfectly curated green with their new tartan outfit.

But the Minneapolis Walker Art Center, one of the most important contemporary art museums of US, sees golf from a new angle: the Walker On The Green. Or, in other words, the artistic representation of the icons from the past through playful works of art.
A golf field designed by artists that celebrate the icons from the past, works destined to last forever.
The Stargazer collective – Yousif Del Valle, Tom Loftus, Andrew MacGuffie, Meena Mangalvedhekar, and Amy Toscani – paid homage to Keith Haring with a mini course with a map of constellations on the surface. Or Putt R. Mutt that replicates the infamous Duchamp’s urinal. In a golfing shape of course.
Once a year this sport gets rid of his formal dress and becomes the only chance to escape from the boring standards.
If you’re around Minneapolis, give this place a chance.