Treating anxiety: The tool

By Carlo D’Alesio

Week 05

Tokyo, Roppongi district – May 20, 2018. Evening.

– Good evening Doctor, thank you for your time again and sorry for the short notice.

– You’re welcome, you know it. What about our progress?

– It’s getting worse and worse. The pressure is getting higher day by day. I feel i just can’t stand that pressure anymore…

– You said you are currently living one life only, right?

– Yes sir, real world only. I feel Parallels just would not fit me. This thing also, along with the rest of my problems you’re aware of, it just makes me

feel even more inadequate, old. Kind of, i don’t really jnow how to express. This work, this city. My family.

– I’m aware of your distrust on Parallels too. But the situation here is that we’re on a point break. Let’s stop the physical treatment and let’s push the psychological approach now. You should really go Parallel; i mean, not for entertainment, but for a cure.

– Oh, please, no.

– Yes indeed. We will start with a Parallel Month, for now. Two real-life hours per day, each two days. This is mandatory, no discussion on this. First Parallel will be underwater, we’ll choose an Ocean which will fit your mind the best. Remember the breathing techniques we already applied? They’ll turn very useful now. In fact, you’ll control your Parallel by your breath. Now, let’s go “Deep”.