Everything you need to travel

By Domenico Di Maio

Week 05

There are some moments in life when objects acquire a very particular value; during a trip, for example, we face a crucial issue: the need to bring everything, yet space is often limited. For the occasion we have created a list of items that would be ideal to have, before you leave the front door behind you.

Marvis Travel Collection
Marvis continues to revolutionize the daily routine of travellers. The original Florentine brand offers a toothpaste travel kit that consists of three different mint flavours as well as cinnamon, liquorice, ginger and jasmine; convenient to carry and indispensable for personal hygiene.

Deodorant Aesop
Deodorant Vetiver, unisex and non-aggressive; straight from the legendary Australian brand based in Melbourne. 50 ml, convenient and a sure winner.

Czech & Speake
Leather-Bound Manicure Set

A collection of perfect tools for nail care, even outside the home. Easy to carry, comprehensive and durable, and beautifully packaged by the British brand.

Head Porter Travel Organizer
The perfect place to store your valuables while traveling. This “Travel Organizer” can comfortably enclose documents, passport, money and pens, owing to its many zippered pockets.

Max Bill Watch By Junghans
Traveling means to organise one’s time well and schedule the series of activities that need to be achieved. Unthinkable without a comfortable and functional wristwatch.

Chivas Regal x Globe-Trotter
Luxury Travel Trunk

A portable bar. Hard to believe but this burgundy suitcase made of fibreboard can contain – thanks to special compartments – clothes, objects and even a bottle or two. Ideal for those who need a drink wherever and whenever.

Globe-Trotter + Ekocycle & Trade
Leather-trimmed Aluminuim Watch Case
A watch enterprise was born thanks to a collaboration between Globe-Trotter and Ekocycle. The result is the product of recycled materials (such as aluminium and leather) with a delicate inner lining that encloses your favourite watches and keeps them safe.