Tokyo Okura Hotel Redesigned

Written by Domenico Di Maio

Week 10

A new beginning.
The Hotel Okura Tokyo has a bizarre story behind him, which tells of a very special restructuring.
Built in 1962 by a team of five architects led by Yoshiro Taniguchi, the hotel has always been an important meeting point between Western and Eastern aesthetics that has seen in the past, the intervention of skilled craftsmen for the finish of interior. This property is indeed an important piece of the history of Japanese architecture.
twist of fate, opened in 1964 for the Olympic Games, Hotel Okura will be torn down in preparation for the 2020 Games; in its place it will be erected two glass towers, re-designed by Yoshio Taniguchi, the son of the creator dell’Okura first and probably the only one in which the transformation of this Japanese architectural gem has been granted.
A radical change, to date bitterly contested, but brave act of reconstruction of a great classic.

In 2014 Monocle magazine launched a petition to preserve this Tokyo landmark.
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