The Mosers

Written by Domenico Di Maio

Week 48

It’s impressive to note the strength and integrity of the Moser’s artistic DNA.
They were born as artisans and their art knows no boundaries.
Originally tanners or wood workers, the Moser’s were not considered fine art professionals, but rather, humble craftsmen. Their everyday work – the way they processed, cut and mould leather or wood – exemplified working methodologies that have decisively influenced the artistic life of Bolzano.
Everything began with Karl Sigmund Moser, virtuoso nativity carver and creator of the well-known Moser-gardens. Then, his son Karl Vinzez, famed landscape painter, a prolific artist who despite his involvement in the tanning trade, produced countless artworks inspired by the panoramas of the Dolomites and Bolzano’s surroundings.

From him, the best-known and prestigious artist of the family was conceived: Carl Moser, whose woodblock prints are among the masterpieces of Art Nouveau in Europe. Carl is the only family member to have frequented art circles in Paris for six years, among those who inspired Gauguin, and not by chance, were some of the most illustrious.
With the Moser’s, we do not only contemplate the works of artists, but instead, a whole family saga where art is the essence of the story. The narrative was born in the city of Bolzano, a place that may seem modest, but in reality hides interesting nuances that for decades inspired a unique family prone to creativity.