Written by Eleonora Usseglio Prinsi

Week 24

Le cheap c’est chic

With no doubts, Ikea has changed our way to dress up our houses, offering over 12,000 products and operates 384 stores in 48 countries, Ikea has been the perfect answer to our nomadic contemporary life made of small apartments in big cities, continuous moves from a place to another and small budget to invest.

The Mark Zuckenberg of contemporary design, Ingvar Kamprad,founded the company in Sweden in 1943 at the early age of-17-year-old, with a new idea of democratic, sustainable and easily assembled design. However the idea of uniqueness and tailor-made furniture seems still a luxury for a few.

Talking with Mick Born, Sander Aarts and Monica Born, founders of Superfront I felt that I never get so wrong: “We noticed a very clear pattern among our friends and acquaintances. Almost all of them had some sort of cabinet base from IKEA that they had pimped with specially made doors from a local carpenter. Many of them even added marble tops. It was a bit like seeing Ikea dressed in Prada”.

This has been the starting point of Superfront, launched in a pop-up-store on March 2013 and quickly transformed in a permanent showroom in central Stockholm. All sales occur via the webshop – – and the products can be sent to Scandinavia plus Germany, Netherlands, Belgium and the UK.

Good taste doesn’t come with money. We want everyone with good taste and style to be able to decorate without going broke. There is a democratic philosophy behind it that we like” says co-founder Sander Aarts.

According with the over 40,000 visitors of the Stockholm Furniture Fair in 2015, seems quite tangible the growing interest for Scandinavian design. This renewed interested for Nordic creativity, includes established brand as Carl Hansen & Son, as well as new faces like Hay.

However the smart idea of mixing DIY flair with a glamorous taste, has definitely cached the attention of the general public as well as interiors designer looking for a compromise between tiny budget and quality.
Customize your living room with a Scandi twist has never been so easy. The first range of products has been fronts, tops and side panels for all of Ikea’s Pax, Faktum, Metod and Bestå cabinet bases. Mixing materiality and selected Pantone shades, Superfront gives a new push to democratic design.