Saint Charles: a holistic approach to well-being

Written by Arminé Maksudyan
Artwork by Studio Fantastico

Week 30

When it comes to well-being the pharmacist in the 6th generation Alexander Ehrmann knows perfectly its significance and procuration in the widest scope. The organic concept based on traditions of holistic medicine, aesthetics and belief in nature’s healing power, accomplished with contemporary standards of product making and body treatment is fully presented in Saint Charles sited in Vienna’s Gumpendorfer Straße.

While Saint Charles Apothecary is making chemical-free pharmaceuticals containing extracts from herbs and plants naturally cultivated in Semmering region of Austria, the Saint Charles Cosmothecary, conveniently positioned in front of the Apothecary, hosts high quality cosmetics for body and face consisting of exclusively organic ingredients. Saint Charles Hideaway, situated on the 1st floor of the Cosmothecary, offers body and beauty treatments with the use of organic cosmetics and essential oils. The nearby located Saint Charles Alimentary complies the organic concept that the Apothecary has developed: only fresh and healthy seasonal products and homegrown herbs are used in dishes served in the tiny restaurant.

Last but not least the Saint Charles Complementary, one block down by Gumpendorfer Straße, proves that the mental health can be maintained by body and soul refinement by means of psychotherapy and yoga classes combined with complementary selection of methods and practices from Traditional Chinese Medicine.

The interdisciplinary Saint Charles manages to combine Austrian traditions and nowadays standards for herbal medicine and body treatment. All the branches of Saint Charles, designed with Alexander Ehrmann’s strive for combining new and old, provide knowledge inherited through generations, love for environment and aspiration for body wellness. Professionals from various fields gathered in one establishment readily bring the idea of beauty from inside out into life. Friendly atmosphere and personal approach towards clients guarantee the way to healthy lifestyle, body and soul maintenance with the help of nature and an extremely thorough and careful attitude provided by Saint Charles.