NMD: the past that inspires the future

By Domenico Di Maio
Photos by ©adidasOriginals

Week 51

For quite some time rumours have circulated about how Times Square in New York is set to become a pedestrian-only affair.
When it comes to walking in the city, The Big Apple is always top of the list. It quickly springs to mind thanks to the numerous cinematic references – remember when David Aames in Vanilla Sky, played by the young Tom Cruise, dreams of a deserted Times Square?
City’s often evolve organically, aesthetically changing and transforming to meet the needs of man and the environment.
Walking is not only a motoric function, it is also a trend; and every step takes on a completely different meaning, especially in cities like New York.
For a brand like adidas, this concept was elemental for the creation of a shoe that bridges tradition and innovation: visual heritage combined with cutting edge technology.

Adidas Originals NMD is a shoe designed to experience the city, combining the iconic adidas Originals style with technology designed specifically for walking anywhere and at length.
To summarise in a phrase: it is the past that has inspired the future.
Strengths: the innovative silhouette, unmistakable street style details and a seamless adidas Primeknit upper for an enhanced fit. Improved performance thanks to boost™ energy-returning properties that keep every step charged. There is also a full-length boost™ midsole with EVA stability plugs that help maintain steadiness and soften ground impact.
It is the perfect shoe for a long walk in the heart of New York, illuminated by the lights of the most famous billboards in the world.

p.s They are actually sold out, but we suggest you have a look at adidas.it to keep yourself up to date.