Mall of the world: The impossible City

By Domenico Di Maio

Week 02

There are projects that literally leave you breathless.
In recent years, with its heavy focus on luxury tourism, Dubai has attracted mammoth companies and high rollers to its shores eager to engage in the ultimate shopping experience. One impressive thing that is emerging within the centre of Dubai is Mall of the World, a new luxury urban centre.
This “neighbourhood” is designed to be an epicentre of shopping, with stores and iconic flagship stores scattered here and there. The fact that the neighbourhood can be easily reached from anywhere, and is highly liveable, encourages many to spend their free time within its quarters.
Everything seems normal so far, but what really makes the Mall of the World impossible?

The answer actually lies in the enormous amount of services and shops within the area; through a detailed study of human habits, Mall of the World will be the world’s first temperature-controlled city. It will occupy a total area of 48 million square feet and will comprise of the largest indoor theme park on the planet.
To address persistent high temperatures throughout the year, Dubai has transformed itself into a testing ground, often experimenting with the use of buildings’ shadows, the strategic layout of gardens, and modern technologies required in order to cool the environment, all year round.
Apparently, the impossible city is just around the corner.