Kazuyo Sejima reflective japanese express train

Written by Domenico Di Maio

Week 12

Very often, when we think about commuting by train a couple of essential things come to mind: convenience, speed, coffee, more coffee and the necessity for a good magazine or book.
But what about other details such as train aesthetics? Or how a train harmonises with its surrounding environment? Whilst your average person may not think about these things, the Japanese certainly do.
Does the word Shinkansen (FYI the network of high-speed railway lines in Japan) mean anything to you?
Well in 2018 Japan is set to introduce a new express train designed by architect Kazuyo Sejima, the pritzker laureate, who is best known for her work with architecture firm SANAA. She has been commissioned to design the train by the Seibu Group, a huge Japanese company that works in the railway and hotel sector.
The train was devised to reflect Seibu’s ‘Red Arrow’ vehicle model. It will feature interiors that resemble a living room, so that passengers can comfortably enjoy the journey. The exterior of the new train will be reflective, so that it can gently blend with the surrounding landscape and move along the tracks of the urban environment, quietly and unobtrusively.
An aesthetic project that fully reflects the entire work of Kazuyo Sejima: powerful and delicate.