It’s how you sleep, not how much

Written by Enrico Grigoletti

Week 01

While medical evidence suggests that the average adult should get seven to nine hours of sleep per day – hey, Harvard Health Publication said that – it’s clear that the Christmas and New Year period is one of the worst moments of the year to recover from sleep debt. A ton of parties and huge amounts of food often consumed at inappropriate hours, and an irregular routine usually results in bad sleeping habits. This can also negatively influence our general health.
Increasing the amount of hours dedicated to rest and embracing a proper sleeping routine is one of the first things to do when you want to restore your physical efficiency. And the quality of how you sleep is equally important. During sleep our body circulates adenosine and sends signals from the circadian clock, which controls the body’s daily rhythms. Together, these two systems establish an ideal equilibrium for each of us.
Selecting the right fabric for your sleep attire is a strategic choice – not only a stylistic choice – you need to face every time you go to bed, and finding the right material to regulate your body temperature can significantly improve the quality of your sleep.

Cotton: an all natural fabric perfect for breathability and soft to the touch that doesn’t tend to irritate the skin. It does a poor job of insulating and wicking away moisture.
Established in 2013 by Andy Spade with Anthony Sperduti and Chad Buri, Sleepy Jones grew out of the idea to make sleepwear in classic fabrics – such as cotton – with a comfortable fit and timeless style. Designed for the quiet moments when we unplug, no matter if it’s reading the newspaper in bed or ordering late afternoon room service.

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Silk: an incredible natural thermo regulator, but in reality it is not a popular choice owing to the high price and slippery feeling of the fabric. But if you want to treat yourself, a Derek Rose pure silk set is the right choice. All handmade in Cheshire in small quantities, each set features a generous cut for extra comfort and mother of pearl buttons.

Men’s classic piped silk pajamas

Flannel: for the colder months when you require extra warmth, flannels are the best option. L.L. Bean, American outerwear authority, offers a cosy solution for everybody looking for heat protection during his or her winter escapes.
Regardless of the fabric and style you choose for your night outfit, always pay attention to details such as buttons, tags and labels that could irritate your skin during the night. Also, when choosing size and fit, bear in mind that tight tops and bottoms could restrain circulation during the night.

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Regardless of the fabric and style you’d choose for your night outfit always pay attention to details such as buttons, tags and labels that could irritate during the night activity. Also choose size and fit carefully bear in mind that tight tops and bottoms could restrain circulation during the night.
Your path to complete recovery starts from your sleep so tuck yourself in something cozy and don’t forget that the people we admire didn’t create their works of art in suit and tie but they were probably wearing something comfortable when painting, writing or designing their masterpiece.

A recent survey found that more people are sleeping less than six hours a night, and sleep difficulties visit 75% of us at least a few nights per week.