Introducing The Recovery mixtape by IAMSEIFE

Writing by Enrico Grigoletti
Artwork by Diego Soprana

Week 01

The first Monday of every January usually results in a spike in gym subscriptions. A spike destined to drop severely in a few weeks, just like all of our New Year’s resolutions.
For all the daredevils out there that have decided to traverse the path towards physical recovery, we have a present for you, courtesy of IAMSEIFE: a 45-minute mix tape for your weekly cardio session.
He is one of our style references, and he opened our newly relaunched Contemporary Standard with a soundtrack for the daily commute. Now IAMSEIFE has put together PNL, Rustie, Fetty Wap, Travis Scott and more for a mix tape that will make you run faster.
We promise.

IAMSEIFE is the beatmaker you’d want on your tracks if you were dropping your first single. Follow his Soundcloud for more pleasure.