Hanger Barn: Re-shaping the island

By Domenico Di Maio

Week 09

Most of the time, changes made to an area or territory pass through a decision-making process of those that govern it. It is often necessary to revive parts of a city or re-purpose particular spaces for aesthetic, social, cultural, environmental and community means and progress.
After being used as a military base for years Governors Island, which is located 730 metres from the southern tip of Manhattan, is being rejuvenated thanks to a cultural competition – City of Dreams Pavilion – proposed by the city; a competition that crowns creative individuals as winners if their work can promote sustainability-oriented thinking in design and architecture.
The competition requires the submission of a temporary structure designed to endure a single summer at the island.
An eco-friendly solution proposed by American architectural studio Folio – a young firm started by designers Youngsu Lee and Bosuk Hur – was selected as the winner by a jury made up of New York architects, designers and industry experts.

Called Hanger Barn, the pavilion is built entirely of used clothes hangers, recovered and collected from New York laundries; a metal intricate network created using the modular design technique. It proposes a fascinating structural bind that allows the formation of a very particular aesthetic pattern. According to the movement of the sun, the pavilion textures create very suggestive shadows, evoking a strange and pleasant sensation of movement.
Unfortunately the work is not yet complete: Folio is following a fundraising campaign and is trying to acquire the necessary permits so that construction can begin.
Completion? Probably the summer of 2016.