Gym equipment for your apartment

By Domenico Di Maio

Week 01

The best interventions arrive bottom-up: retrieval and placing of materials that can be procured from spaces other than the domestic, and surprise with their versatility.
For some time now it has been easy to find images of interiors that use gym equipment as part of their decorative landscape. It’s the week of physical recovery right? We have already given you some advice about how to get into shape in our BODY section, and so it seemed appropriate to contextualize our DESIGN section in the same way.
Incidentally, the house is often the best gym: does the name Frank Underwood mean anything to you?
We selected five design pieces that owe their existence to a world which 90% of the time reminds us of the treadmill and fatigue.

Leather Bench
A gym bench that is similar to a coffee table, and can also be used as a seat. Covered in leather, stylistic elegance is assured.


Black Buck
Keeping to the seat theme, this black gym buck in black anthracite leather and black alcantara, produced by Atelier Biagetti is a viable alternative to all the boring armchairs that are normally used for the same purpose.


Another suggestion by Atelier Biagetti: a glass top supported by metal pedestals that recall the shape of classic gym dumbbells.


Imagine being able to have an enviable amount of space where you could store all of your clothing. Is this not the purpose for which the gym cabinet wardrobe was designed for?


Wall Bars
The classic gymnastics ladder perfect for different uses: as a partition, mounted a short distance from a twin ladder or as hangers for the wall.