Get a grip

Di Marco Fasolini
Illustrazioni di Diego Soprana

Week 22

Getting the right grip is not a secondary matter.
We asked a friend how to handgrip on the green.

Vardon grip
The most common grip ever, best for the big handed guys.
The Vardon gets his name from Harry Varson, a pro golfer from the 1900s. Vardon was the first to use the right little finger laying on the left hand index finger during a professional competition. This grip was actually invented by Johnny Laidlay, an amateur Scottish player.
Today 90% of the players use this grip.


Harvey Penick used to suggest this grip – where the right little finger interlocks together with the left index finger – to small handed guys.
Tiger Woods use this grip since day one. Tiger Woods does not have small hands.


Baseball grip
Not a popular grip. Hands hold the club separately.
It has been said that, in the past, it was good for girls to transmit more power to the hit.


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