Galerie Daniel Templon’s 50th birthday celebrations with Franz Ackermann

Week 12

If we had to describe Franz Ackermann we would use one word: “nomad.”
Born in 1963, he divides his professional life between Berlin, Karlsruhe and Istanbul, drawing on each city’s diverse cultural and social influences to create his exuberant paintings and installations. His art oscillates between colourful and vibrant cartoonish abstraction to sombre and dark mixed media works. He uses several types of techniques, such as painting, sculpture, drawing, and photography to explore the concepts of travel, tourism, globalization and commercialization.
Ackermann tries to narrate urban realities that revolve around tourism: both the positive and negative side of it. He examines the glamour, speed and consumption of international travel but also the detritus, architectural scarring and garbage that it leaves behind.
This year for the fiftieth anniversary of Galerie Daniel Templon, the German artist will exhibit at Rue Beaubourg in Paris for the first time. His vibrant paintings, which focus on urban life within ten major cities, will be on show from the 9th of April to the 28th of May.