Functional beauty

Written by Martina Cima

Week 12

What once characterized our streets and our cities, now gives way to broader influences and far, removing and adding constantly identity to the cities with new buildings, though not always attentive to the existing urban fabric.
The architecture in the past has always formed starting from the needs of the people, until today, where for technical and innovative systems, is the architecture itself to influence the way we live the interior, speaking of light, warmth, beauty and even the quality of living.
No getting around too, it is clear that the Modern Movement is undoubtedly the most influential movement in flux of our cities. He not by chance was born in between the two wars, finding in that context the space to manifest itself and renew the design and architecture.
Among the masters most remembered from this period we find, not surprisingly, Le Corbusier, Mies Van Der Rohe, Frank Lloyd Wright and Alvar Aalto. Their work was not only practical, but being a movement that aimed to address the shortcomings of the time, it was therefore theorized by Bruno Taut second 5 points in order of importance:

1. profits Buildings
2. Materials and construction systems use subordinate
3. Beauty, which consists in the direct relationship between the building and purpose.
4. The aesthetics – what is functional is also beautiful
5. Relationship with the surrounding context

These few simple principles, in the hands of great architects, were examples of beauty and architectural quality. They demonstrated how aesthetics could also represent the functionality; and as a hard-working, accurate design, added to the curiosity and the desire for change, made the strength and made unassailable, although criticized, new construction.
These examples constantly recur in the design of our years, often approaching and remembering those teachers, but often too little intelligence and consistency of the design are the starting point. The new buildings I want to be beautiful, beautiful above all, showing how to manifest the incredible glass facades or enriched with innovative materials; that which is just inside the outer casing result, often even forget that we have to live or work, that the spaces should be comfortable and not only showcases our lives. Limited by time and competition, new architects neglect that behind every great project unique and there must be balance and how even a good thing can become unbearable – many, thankfully not all.