Drivin edit: best 5 mountain roads in Europe

Written by Alberto Capra
Artwork Diego Soprana

Week 46

The road, hate it or love it.
The many fans know that there is much more than a simple way to follow.
For many, it can encompass the whole life, made of adventures and kilometers, with all the pitfalls of the case.
But what are the most beautiful roads to go to Europe?
There we have indicated through a short list, some points that the more extremists drivers know very well and that the curious should definitely visit.

1) Transfagarasan, Romania

Some claim that for its 90 km long have been merged, as the divine hand, the most beautiful corners of the most beautiful circuits in the world. What is certain is that the national road DN7C – that, in Romania, cuts the Carpathians as un’arzigogolata blade – has established itself in the collective imagination as the place to give vent to their worst instincts to guide, at least once in life. Also known as The Madness of Ceausescu, it is designed by the same murderous dictator, who built it, for military reasons, in the 70s, sacrificing a mountain of dynamite and more than forty people. The least you can do is to pay homage to them with the best cross of a lifetime.

2) Passo dello Stelvio, Italy

The idea that a road can become myth may seem completely pointless, to a lot of people. Nothing could be more obvious, on the contrary, for those who have blood bikes or cycling. This is the case, for example, the State Road 38, the one that connects Bormio with the Vinschgau:for everyone simply the Stelvio. About its 84 hairpins (48 on the South Tyrolean side and 36 on the Lombard), its 2,758 meters above sea level (the highest pass in Italy), and the top, entitled to Coppi who, in our country , he helped write the story. Irresistible ascent thanks to its high plateaus and a path completely intolerant of even the shortest straights. For years it comes to make a payment. Be quick to not pay even one Euro.

3) Gro├čglockner Hochalpenstra├če, Austria

Forty-eight kilometers of pure enjoyment. Thirty-six turns, 2,504 meters in altitude, infrastructure dedicated to bikers, from the large radius curved surfaces in perfect condition. This is the Grossglockner High Alpine Road, the road from the town of Bruck leads to the Edelweiss-Spitze – the highest point of the course – and then descend on the other side up to Heiligenblut. A playground for those who love driving. Eye, however: much fun you pay. Are the 24,50 Euro (oiro cleats) required for daily, for one bike. Ten more than the ones who will have to pay the lovers of the four wheels. Yet, you believe us: it is really worth.

4) Route Napoleon, France

From Grenoble to Cannes, via the N85, the road traveled by Napoleon on his return from Elba in 1815. A tortuous, drunkenness of curves and beautiful landscapes bordered by a series of statues representing the French Imperial Eagle , which reaches to the Golfe-Juan where began the epic of one hundred days, which ended with the battle of Waterloo. And if you, the history, you do not mind anything, just think to drive: the Route Napoleon is one of the most fashionable places to test drive reserved for printing and passages under to the tunnels dug into the rock are the ones you have seen on your favorite magazine. The arrival on the French Riviera, then, is being true. In the evening, scampi for all.

5) Granada-Cabo De Gata, Spain

From the Alhambra in Granada, the Natural Park of Cabo de Gata, through the incredible scenery of the Sierra Nevada, with a bet on the track – in the case of driving, you do not have enough. Once started from the ancient Andalusian city, the best route is to that, keeping to the right of the complex of Mulhacen, the highest mountain in Spain (with its 3,482 meters), followed by the A92 to La Calahorra. That’s where it comes from, to kick off the waltz of curves on the A-337, up to Cherin. The A-348 will cradle you, then, among the sinuous roads of the Alpujarra region, while pointing out to sea. If you prefer to custom two detached, in Banahadux you can divert to Tabernas and the N-340a: on the way to Cabo de Gata you’ll come across in the Circuito de Almeria. Then travel to bathe.