Discovering the best glamping destinations

Written by Enrico Grigoletti

Week 24

Everybody that camped as a child keeps a good memory of that momentum. The feeling of freedom and the naive spirit that embrace younger generations is probably so strong that you can easily forget all the inconveniences of old fashioned campings: shared bathrooms, bug bites, uncomfortable beds and food. It would sounds a nightmare if it wasn’t for that hippy and informal spirit that is alive and kicking in every camping holiday.
But then something happened: the booming development of all inclusive resorts put camping in the shadow as the kind of holiday that only broke junkies could afford. We have to thank the resurgence of outdoors as a lifestyle activity if camping – or glamping – is today considered a travel destination again. Obviously in a contemporary key: no more uncomfortable accomodations but comfortable tents or high end caravans.
For this issue we selected six of the best glamping around the World even if the list is way longer.

Alto Atacama Desert Lodge & Spa
Atacama Desert, Chile

Located in the Catarpe valley, the Alto Atacama Desert Lodge & Spa is the only camping in the San Pedro region which is totally surrounded by the Salt Mountain Range. The resort buildings are designed in local terracotta to blend seamlessly with the environment. Perfect as a hub for desert hiking, the Alto Atacama staff encourages visitors to become active travelers using non traced paths or interacting with local tribes.

Ikuna Tipidorf
Natternbach, Austria

Surrounded by 15 km of wild forest around the Danube River the Ikuna Tipidorf is a luxury teepee-style resort with each tent featuring plasma screen, minibar and private bathroom. Each guest can then relax within the teepee sauna, by the campfire and several recreational activities for the rugrats.

Loveland Farm
Devon, UK

After running around the World as a reknown designer Jeff Griffin decided that his beloved Devon countryside should have been the right place to settle down. And to promote the breathtaking Cornwall surroundings, along with his wife, he opened Loveland Farm, a complex of five pods distributed on six acres of nature surrounded by alpacas, buffaloes and Oxford & Sandy, two black pigs, and the Griffin’s beautiful pointers: Charlie and Lucy.

Clayoquot Wilderness Resort
British Columbia, Canada

Behind the spa, the five stars cuisine and the refined tents of the Clayoquot Wilderness Resort there is the environment commitment of Richard Genovese. Along with the Environmental Legacy Program he rescued miles of salmon spawning ground. Soon after stepping off the floatplane, guests are welcomed with a glass of wine and they’re offered an experience that is restoring the soul and that beautiful land.

Hicksville Trailer Palace
Joshua Tree Park, US

No geotags, no Facebook or Swarm check ins. Rules of this old recording studio in the middle of the Joshua Tree desert are clear. Transformed in a trailer park you’ll just need a quick hike in the desert to fully enjoy the magic of this place. Or even staring at the stars will be enough to fall in love with this weird but incredible escape.

Camping Miramar
Tarragona, Spain

Perfect for a budget holiday, Camping Miramar offers a great old fashioned camping experience. The hippy attitude is smoothed by the comforts of the eleven caravans available. If you’re a kite surf lover you’ll find plenty of schools on the beaches surrounding the area.