Dawn Patrol: the art of stance

Photo by Piotr Niepsuj
Players: Marco Fasolini & Enrico Leoni
Total look: IUTER

Week 22

During the first half of XX century Austrian architect Adolf Loos in his book Ornament & Crime published a theory that stated that people should have dressed according to a proper code as an architectural element of the city. The book soon become one of the first style manifesto in modern culture.
While Loos’ theory needed a publication as a support, the rules of well dressing were already formally applied in military hierarchies and the sports popular at that time. Tennis, polo and golf for years stick to rules that slowly adapted to fluctuations of society.
We dressed a couple of friends with prestigious garments from a prestigious sportswear brand to prove that your game can be strong on and off the green with zero outfit change.

Be not afraid of being called un-fashionable.
Adolf Loos