Blue Origin: a rocket second chance

By Domenico Di Maio

Week 09

The conquest of space seems to have slightly changed connotations than in the past.
Apparently the next trend for certain types of experiments will cover reusability of some or all of the components used for launches into orbit.
We should rewrite the future when we talk about space, especially when you’ll do the causes of fee reductions in certain types of missions and we will investigate the cause of this great advantage in only one name: Blue Origin.
Blue Origin founded by Jeff Bezos passion – former founder of Amazon – the so-called “space tourism”; a small step for the realization of a dream. Having bought in Texas a ground agglomerate to conduct the first test and, while the project of SpaceX Elon Musk hard to proceed because of repeated delays in the launch, Blue Origin routs for the moment the competition, becoming the first rocket to remodel earth after the launch into orbit.