adidas Originals NMD

Week 12

We have already talked about adidas Originals in the past. Well here’s the thing… we really like them and they make us happy. So we are going to talk about them some more.
A few months ago we explored the changing relationship between style and technology, and how both these elements are equally important when it comes to designing objects, be it a simple shoe or something else. We then explored how respect for tradition can also play a significant role in design. When all three elements are combined, often a superior product is created that truly meets the customer’s needs.
Those who are used to living intensely within a city, regularly undertaking long walks between streets and urban parks, are well aware that shoes have to meet some basic requirements. By this we mean strike the perfect balance between style and technology.
In a celebration of urban living, NMD adidas Originals are back with three new styles: City Sock NMD, NMD Chukka and NMDRunner, all models with retro-inspired running looks.
They combine iconic colorblocked foundation with PRIMEKNIT and BOOST® technology, and a blend of heritage brand details in order to represent a bold vision that points to the future.

The brand has dedicated its utmost attention to this vision, valorising the urban city dweller and his or her creative modern context.
In fact, adidas created an interactive installation – NMD_Cube – in the heart of Milan, which saw a succession of photos, videos, urban views and frames of the sneaker displayed on each side of the square, shared by NMD_EXPLORER users.
Among the content, seven street-scene influencers shared their #NMD experiences on Instagram; the shots will be featured in a photo exhibition in six major stores throughout the city.
A true celebration of urban style within the city.