A soundtrack for the everyday commute

Written by Enrico Grigoletti
Illustrations by Diego Soprana

Week 38

With no need for holistic explanation, commuting is a pain. Period.
Spending those first moments of the day in a loud subway car or standing in an overcrowded bus is never (NEVER) a comfortable experience, for obvious reasons. Alas, it’s not surprising that commuters develop an intense relationship with their earphones.
From another point of view, commuting is an everyday activity that transcends transportation. It is not just going from point A to point B. It’s a crucial period in which you mentally shift from the domestic setting to the work environment. Most of the time you do not pay attention to what you’re seeing or what you’re listening to; but what happens during THAT capsule of time is probably influencing your day.

Unfortunately we can’t change the fact that your boss is going to be pissed off because of your 15-minute train delay, but if nothing else, we can try to change your perception of the situation with a spectacular atmospheric playlist by Italian producer IAMSEIFE.
Last year he produced several tracks for Laska, Italian rapper Mecna, and more recently he released his own Blue Magma EP. With the Italian public transportation disagio on his mind, the Milano based producer put together a solid list of tunes that will bring you to the sunny shores of Ibiza.

IAMSEIFE is the beatmaker you’d want on your tracks if you were dropping your first single. Follow his Soundcloud for more pleasure.