A Hong Kong rooftop salute to the sun

Written by Domenico Di Maio
Photo by Eugene Kan

Week 44

The lure of the skyline is something indescribable, especially for those who are not able to enjoy one like this everyday. Apart from the aesthetic value of the panorama, the roofs of skyscrapers can be a place of unexpected practices.
In large cities such as Hong Kong, such buildings are everywhere (7,792 apparently) and, as in other cities of the world, they form the backdrop of various recreational activities.
For some time in Hong Kong, and other cities around the globe, it has become a custom to exploit these open spaces and skyscraper views to engage in alternative sports.

Evidently, the atmosphere at high altitude has a positive effect on the practice of yoga, even if attaining access to the roofs of these huge buildings is not always easy. However once the individual has arrived, he or she is rewarded with psychological clarification while the body is simultaneously strengthened, by now the best cure for the hectic pace of modern life.
We asked the girls of Missbish to document this practice in their own way, finding free access and scaling the floors of I-Feng Mansions (239 To Kwa Wan Rd), a skyscraper overlooking To Kwa Wan, a district that offers visual contradictions capable of stimulating the senses.

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