A brief conversation with Mark McNairy

CS) Why you decided to make your shoes in England instead of the US?

MMcN) The idea was to produce my clothing in the US, which I do. But there’s really no manufactures in the US that make shoes like that. My taste is not strictly american but I’ve always been an anglo filo in terms of music, clothing and everything but basically american traditional clothing have its own roots in the UK. Basically North Hampton in England is the shoe capital of the World and it’s all interpretation of english or what was originally english.
It’s what I call smart-casual-modern-traditional-anglo-american sportswear

CS) Now that you’re creative director of Woolen Mills, what are your influences that you’re going to bring to the line and what do you think will be the difference beetween your and Daiki’s work at Woolen Mills?

MMcN) I think I’m going to take the same approach that Daiki took, but we’re two different people with different ideas. Woolen Mills for the first five years has been very closely related to Engineered Garments. It’s gonna be the same concept but it’s gonna be my way. My things are a little bit more under-design, understated and it won’t be strictly based on hunting and fishing because Woolrich also has been related to military equipment during the war time.

Also Woolrich in the 50s and 60s was famous for preppie clothing. It was on military, it was on outdoor, hunting and fishing and it was on college.

CS) So are those the outstanding features of the company that you’re going to develop?

MMcN) It’s going to be a mishmash of traditional Woolrich, hunting and fishing with an US military and Ivy League touch all together.

CS) And have you ever felt, in this particular moment when everything, from media to fashion, is slowly looking at this particular aesthetic, you are the right man at the right time?

MMcN) I do kind of feel like now maybe it’s my time. I had success with my female clothing line, and I had success in Japan but this is the first time where it’s all coming together. I’ve learned from many mistakes so now maybe I’ve got the necessary know how to make everything works.

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