Tom Messenger‘s webite is simple and clear. You’ll find a very little about him except his illustrations. That’s why we decided to ask him our usual questions.

Parli inglese? L’intervista in italiano qui

Contemporary Standard} Hi Tom, tell us your story.

Tom Messenger} Inspector of snow storms and rain storms, surveyor of forest paths and across country routes. Since 1976.

Contemporary Standard} Who’s the illustrator/graphic designer from the past which inspired you most?

Tom Messenger} Alexander Rodchenko.

Contemporary Standard} Which moment of the day makes you particularly creative?

Tom Messenger} After coffee, but before lunch.

Contemporary Standard} Your work in 3 words.

Tom Messenger} Geometry, pattern, texture.

Contemporary Standard} What are you working on right now?

Tom Messenger} A record sleeve, a logo, an illustrated wedding certificate.

Contemporary Standard} Say bye to our readers in your favorite language.

Tom Messenger} Paix.