Gino Iannucci is probably your favorite’s skater favorite skater. He’s always left his skateboarding talk for him. His video parts are those that you still put on rewind after years as you could catch the secret for the perfect style. Gino grown up in New York and now owns a store in Long Island wich is called Poets. He’s never been too loud and never been so much into interviews, but when he find out that i had kidnapped his cousin Vincenza he accepted to answer to my questions cause he knows italians don’t play. It’s the CS mafia baby. Gino Innucci is a living legend and I feel like Tony Montana now that we got him on CS. Crime pays.

Parli inglese? L’intervista in italiano qui

gino1Contemporary Standard} Gino , first question is always an ice breaking question but I just got 10 so I dont wanna waste time with an ice breakin question, so let’s just go straight into this. Italian-Americans rule the world. They rule skateboarding for sure. We got you, we got Guy Mariano..we got mmmm…Giovanni Reda (lol). Why does italian-americans do it better?

Gino Iannucci} Because we have balls the size of watermelons! I dont know man. Theres a lot of amazing history in all aspects of life regarding Italian-Americans. From art to film to business to fashion and of course food which all automatically gives us a strong sense of pride and self assurance. Something like that at least for me.

Contemporary Standard} Growing up , who was your skate idol and why?

Gino Iannucci} Natas is always the first person that comes to mind when thinking about this question. I guess because there was no one out there who skated like him. His style was very surf like and unique. His tricks were cutting edge, he skated fast. I had the pleasure of seeing him skate a demo in Long Island New York around “89″ where he destroyed it. I’ll never forget that.

Contemporary Standard} Skatebording has been through a lot of different micro-eras, each one with different trends and everything. Which (era) is your favorite one and why?

Gino Iannucci} My favorite era of course would have to be the earlier days. Like “89″ through “92″. This is when skating for me was all love and passion. We skated everyday and every night with no agenda. We were young, we were finding ourselves in a different town every other day meeting new people every other day. Everything was new. All the tricks we were doing were new, skateboarding was still young and alot had’nt been explored. We were young kids who diddnt give a shit about anything and diddnt think about anything but skating and having fun.


Contemporary Standard} I know I’m kinda acting like a fan and making stupid questions that a kid would ask you, but fuck it , I’m a fan. What is your favorite trick ever?

Gino Iannucci} My favorite trick or tricks would have to be any that I battled with for hours and then finally road away from. Theres no better feeling and sense of accomplishment than the ride away!

Contemporary Standard} Gino, admit it: you’ve basically got the sickest style ever and influenced street skating big time.What is your secret c’mon you gotta have one i know it.

Gino Iannucci} Man theres no answer to something like that. I just skate the way I skate and fortunately some people dig the way I skate. To be honest though, when I’m old and grey and I look back on my skate career, I will be proud that I was able to get others motivated to skate. If I can do to someone what Natas did for me when I was younger then i’m a happy man.


Contemporary Standard} You own a skate shop in Long Island called Poets. Tell us about it for those who don’t know…

Gino Iannucci} Well POETS was a store I opened back in “03″. It was only open for a year, I closed up shop and moved back to California. Me and a good friend (Matt Bell) reopened the shop a year and a half ago. The name POETS comes from the neighborhood I grew up in called Poets Corner in Westbury Long Island. All the streets were named after famous poets. It’s a boutique style shop with select brands. Mighty Healthy, Huf, Quiet Life, Heel Bruise, Nike SB, Adidas, Converse, Lakai, Woolrich, etc.

Contemporary Standard} You recently put out a very limited collaboration tee with Heel Bruise (Richard Mulder’s store).How did it worked? Do you plan to do something more in that direction in the future?

Gino Iannucci} The POETS/HEEL BRUISE collab went well. Were thinking of making that an annual thing. Were doing a shoe with Nike that will be available in August this year. A possible Lakai collab thanks to Scott Johnston. Also i’m working on a signature line for Mighty Healthy that should be available in spring “2011″.

Contemporary Standard} You probably started a whole range of skate fashion related trends without even noticing. How would you decribe your style when it comes to clothes?

Gino Iannucci} Pretty simple. I cant stand big logo’s and loud shit. I love Brooks Brothers, Faconnable, WESC. Ralph Lauren Purple tag. Thermals are always good from the local Army Navy store. I also love footwear. Dark soles is hard to come by these days which I cant stand. I have three pairs of Ferragamo’s I’ve had for years which are my favorite. I still love Clarks but there a bit sloppy.

Contemporary Standard} Which are your all-time favorite brands?

Gino Iannucci} I guess I answered this question in number 8.

Contemporary Standard} What are your other interests besides skateboarding?

Gino Iannucci} I’m on the Tennis court alot these days. Cycling as well.

Contemporary Standard} Gino, I know trick by trick all your fuckin video parts and I don’t really care if you’re not really happy with some of them cause you are to skateboarding what Biggie Smalls was to rap. Accept it. You’re a legend. I don’t need you to reply this man, i just wanted to tell you.

Gino Iannucci} Thanks G for asking me to be a part of Contemporary Standard. It was a pleasure!

Words by Gianluca Quagliano
All images courtesy of MEMENTO